Big Honking Coleus!

Big Honking Coleus!
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We’re at summer’s end and look what’s starring in my garden – the humble Coleus. Once restricted to shady spots, these newer sun-tolerant ones are something else, growing tall enough to actually provide privacy for this front-yard patio. The pots they’re in give them an added lift, but still.

Another view. That mass of chartreuse goodness is the product of two plants.

These pots each have just one plant in them.

Who needs flowers when leaves are this gorgeous?

Though not the stars of the show, Coleus flowers are sure popular with bees, like this one, possibly a carpenter bee. (Larger than a bumble bee, but black and yellow.)

Planting Advice, Please

Trouble is, on hot days these sun-tolerant Coleuses wilt within a couple of hours of being watered, so I’m having to water at least twice a day. Should I be doing something special to make the pots hold water longer? Surely not those gels that I keep reading about not working.

Now for a bonus annual – Iresine ‘Blazin’ Lime.‘ Amazing show from just one plant in each pot, and they grow quickly to that size. Note the red stems – very rhubarbish. No need for flowers on this plant, either.

And in my back garden, Iresines ‘Blazin’ Rose‘ are stand-outs against a sea of mostly green.

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Susan Harris
on September 2, 2016 at 7:33 am, in the category It’s the Plants, Darling.


    • Stephanie Fleming
    • 12th November 2015

    Susan, I love seeing your garden as it grows! The plants look wonderful but I am totally in love with some of your containers! Thanks for sharing.

    • Allen Bush
    • 14th February 2016

    Beautiful, Susan. I’m looking out at my garden and wondering why I didn’t plant any Coleus this year… Reminder to self: Plant lots of Coleus of next year.

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