#TBT: Outdoorgardenhub Takes Over the World

#TBT: Outdoorgardenhub Takes Over the World
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Dear readers: We’re fast approaching the 10th anniversary of Outdoorgardenhub’s arrival on the web – June 13, 2016. So to start the celebrations, we’re posting oldies but goodies – for Throwback Thursday. Outdoorgardenhub wasn’t announced here, though – no one would have found it on its first day. Co-founder Amy Stewart made the announcement on her blog, and it starts us off with a bang. The Outdoorgardenhub team will be celebrating our first decade all year, and invite you to join us!

A few months ago, I started talking with Susan Harris of Takoma Gardener and Michele Owens of Sign of the Shovel about a modest little idea we had to stage a horticultural revolt. We were tired of what the mainstream gardening media has to offer–warmed-over garden tips, repurposed press releases about the ten thousandth new coleus on the market, dull little essays about the wonders of spring–and we were convinced that bloggers could overthrow the gardening establishment in the way that they are transforming coverage of politics and current affairs. (Witness the success of the YearlyKos convention. Not that I want to be the DailyKos of gardening. I’d much rather be the Gawker of gardening. But one thing at a time.)

Like all good revolutionaries, we began by writing a manifesto. You can read the whole thing on our site, but I’ll touch on a few of my favorite points here:

–We are convinced that gardening MATTERS. Get us out of the Lifestyle section and as far away from home decorating as possible. We’re talking about how we interact with the plant kingdom, not how to choose a throw pillow. This shit is important!

–We are flabbergasted at the idea of “no maintenance” gardens. If I have to read one more magazine article about Easy Container Gardens in 10 Minutes or Less, I may actually go bury MYSELF in the perennial border. Gardening is something you DO. It’s not something you buy and arrange around the exterior of your home in between fluffing the aforementioned throw pillows.

–We are delighted by people with a passion for plants. Show some excitement! Have an opinion! Fall in love! Get mad! If you’re bored, put your pen down and go outside. Just don’t bore us, too.

Are you with me? All right, then. Follow me over to Garden Rant, where I’ll be blogging a couple times a week. We’ve uploaded some of our previous posts from our own blogs to help set the tone, but it’s all new stuff from here on. Some of my favorite new features include:

  • Ask Dr. Bleedingheart–horticultural advice for the lovelorn. Send in your melodramas today.
  • I Don’t Have a Garden, But I Watch One On TV–reviews of garden television and Internet garden videos. (We’ll cover podcasts and radio too, so if it’s good, send it our way.)
  • Taking Your Gardening Dollar–product reviews, rip-offs, and vicarious horticultural shopping experiences.
  • You! We’re looking for guest bloggers, so if you have something brilliant to say, we hope you’ll consider saying it on Garden Rant first. Come rant with us!

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    • anne
    • 25th November 2016

    Congratulations on 10 great years! I’m trying to remember when I found Gardenrant; it was already pretty well-established I think. How did I find it? An article or reference in WaPo or NYTimes maybe? No matter, Gardenrant is the only blog of any kind I follow these days with any consistency. Well done!

    • admin
    • 6th December 2016

    WOw that’s so nice to hear. Thx!

    • Laura Bell
    • 8th December 2016

    Congratulations on 10 wonderful years! I don’t know at what point I found ya’ll, but you were exactly what the doctor ordered. Still are. Thank you so much!

    • Elaine
    • 8th December 2016

    I’m new and loving it as a fellow ranger.

    • Elaine
    • 8th December 2016

    should be ranter…new rant…autocorrect lol

    • KathyG
    • 9th December 2016

    Yay for 10 years. I am another who doesn’t remember how or when I found you, but it was has been one long rant-filled treat ever since. Keep up the ire! Hugs to all garden ranters, on- and off-blog.

    • Jim Freeman
    • 9th December 2016

    Happy Ten Years, and here’s to many more! It’s been a fun ride all the way!

    • Brooke
    • 9th December 2016

    I just found you – probably through Garden Professors – and love the rants and manifesto. Yes, gardening is important! And fun! And frustrating! So much to learn. Sorry to have missed the first ten years.

    • Chris
    • 9th December 2016

    I doubt I’ve read you the whole time, but most of it, while gardening first in SoCal and now in the mid-Hudson Valley.

    • Garden Rant
    • 9th December 2016

    Interesting idea – thanks! Maybe a post on the state of gardenblogging today.

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